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Quick and timely with no problems then we could haul it on our time
Gives you the leverage to market your grain when you choose to market your grain. A true cost-effective tool
EA-910 Unloader
<strong>EA-910</strong> Unloader
R-1050 Grain Bagger
<strong>R-1050</strong> Grain Bagger
Largest in class for faster operation and least cost per bushel stored.
R-950 Grain Bagger
<strong>R-950</strong> Grain Bagger
R-950M Grain Bagger
<strong>R-950M</strong> Grain Bagger
R-950MX Grain Bagger
<strong>R-950MX</strong> Grain Bagger

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Commodity Grain Price Tracker
Name Last Trade Last Updated Change
Corn 367'4 12/1/15 8:16 AM 2'4
Oats 250'0 12/1/15 7:45 AM 1'2
Soybeans 885'2 12/1/15 8:26 AM 4'2
Chicago Wheat 464'0 12/1/15 7:45 AM 4'0
Kansas City Wheat 460'4 12/1/15 7:45 AM 3'4
Minnesota Wheat 529'4 12/1/15 7:45 AM 6'2
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